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The Agriturismo

Agriturismo Sant'Egidio plays an important role in the history of Cortona because it is where a Camaldolese Abbey was founded more than 1000 years ago and where even Saint Francis of Assisi stopped off for few days when he visited Cortona for the first time in the year 1211. The country house is located on Mount Sant'Egidio, near Cortona, and boasts a wonderful panoramic view. It is surrounded by a forest of pine and oak trees where guests may glimpse a view of squirrels, fallow deer and wild boars. Moreover, a number of hiking trails start off at our country house, continue along an ancient Roman road, which is still accessible today, and lead you into the city of Cortona.

The holiday we propose is particularly suitable for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday immersed in nature. Our country house offers guests the opportunity to turn back the clock to a time of yesteryear and rediscover memories and emotions that have long been forgotten. Not far away you will find the Franciscan Monastery of Le Celle which evokes a mystic and peaceful atmosphere, and is so appreciated by many of our visitors. In summer the weather is fresh, with ideal temperatures for trekking and horse riding inside a wildlife park of more than 500 hectares that was once the ancient medieval county of “Dei Fieri”. We also produce extra virgin olive oil, honey, chestnuts and other local products on our farm.

Our strategic position will be the perfect starting point for you to discover the treasures of Tuscany and Umbria. Looking out the windows of our country house you will see Cortona, an Etruscan town rich in history, archeology and architecture, where you will find two suggestive museums and a wide variety of local wines and food.