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Trekking a Cortona


Our country house is located 800 meters above sea level and the flora surrounding the property is characterized by beech trees, chestnut trees and ancient firs that were already a treasure when the first Camaldolese monks inhabited this area: they used to gather chestnuts, mushrooms and wild berries in abundance. As for the fauna, it is characterized by protected wild species as well by game species and includes birds such as the kestrel, the buzzard, the sparrow-hawk, the pheasant, the partridge, the woodcock, the turtledove, the barn owl, the owl, the long-eared owl, the horned owl, the green woodpecker, the grey crow, the nutcracker, the great tit, the thrush, the blackbird, the robin, the blackcap, the goldfinch and the chaffinch. However, the true lords of the forest are the wild boar, the fallow deer, the fox and the squirrel, and they live in perfect harmony with guests and visitors to our country house. Walking in the vicinity of the country house at dusk or dawn, you will have the opportunity for a magical encounter. Located just a few kilometers from Cortona, Agriturismo Sant’Egidio is an extraordinarily important wildlife oasis.